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For the first time since a bad divorce, I was able to find a little bit of happiness with albeit quick and unfulfilling, the site itself is great. I was able to get online and meet someone within a matter of 10 minutes. While I’ve been to similar sites to amateurmatch that offer similar experience, not many are as cheap. I am an old dude just looking to enjoy my time online so spending money isn’t really my forte’. I’ve learned that you can get most things online for free if you know where to look for them. The only exception to that rule is online dating… especially adult dating.

I scoured the internet a few months ago looking for an adult online dating service that didn’t cost much or was totally free. What I found was that many sites claim to be free when you first click on them, but after you go through the entire process of filling out a profile they start to define their membership terms a little more clearly. They will lure you in, then after 30 minutes of filling one of these things out, they will tell you that you need to sign up for a “Premium Membership” just to view members of the opposite sex. My question has always been “What are you actually getting for free?” which has never been totally answered.

While I was out there looking for a new website to meet another adventurous person like myself, I ran into the site which changed my view on adult sites. I used to think they were a place to go for just about 5 or 10 minutes and then be on your way. What I’ve learned is that the people behind these sites are real people just like you and me. Some are trying to earn a living but many at amateurmatch are truly trying to meet someone special. I know you may be reading this thinking “Is he serious?” and my answer to that is a big “yes!”

From time to time I find it entertaining to try to go on a hunt for new sites. I usually do this once or twice a week, but since discovering amateurmatch, I haven’t done it in over three months. It provides physical and mental stimulation because of their screening process. They have a 30 question questionnaire people are required to fill out. I feel like the daunting task of filling it out helps to weed some of the lazy people out that I wouldn’t want to meet anyways.

I like the fact that amateurmatch isn’t organized like the other web pages I’ve been to. They do a good job of keeping it simple. If one day I am looking to hook up, I can do that in 2 easy steps. If on another day, I just want to see some videos without interacting with others, I can do that in one step. By the way, their videos are all in 720p or HD quality so you don’t have to worry about the grainy stuff that can get so annoying.

From the onset of the newer age of adult websites, I’ve noticed a trend to make sure your site looks like everyone else’s. The originality seems to be completely gone just because of the adult theme which I think is very silly. If you want to have people visiting your site, you need to do something different from the competition which I think they do very well.

With all of the new sites emerging, another trend I’ve noticed is adult dating. This has become a big offering because it’s one of the few ways to effectively monetize porn traffic. Since the early 2000’s, mature traffic has been totally saturated with pop-ups and trial offers but with fee video sites and multiple sister sites to each original domain, you get caught up with a ton of open windows, a grainy video and just settling with what you get. Another thing I like about them is they don’t do that. I think they recognized this was annoying (finally) to most users and changed the landscape of how a site like this should be organized and managed.

I can’t say this is the best website I’ve ever been on, but as far as trends go, this site is hopefully sending webmasters in the right direction. They need to look at this is a template to use on their sites so we can get over the obtrusive and often harmful system that is currently the status quo. Overall, I give amateurmatch a 9.0 out of 10. The last thing I’ll mention is that it would have been a 10 with a little more creativity but there’s a fine line between what’s creative and what’s visual vomit.